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  • The Polish Supplementary School of Long Island was established in May 2018 by parents who wanted to teach their children about the Polish language, history, geography and culture. The organization aims to cultivate and pass Polish traditions to the younger generation. Our curriculum combines traditional textbook teaching and fun activities like games, plays, and competitions. The school is under the jurisdiction of the Headquarters of Polish Vocational Training Schools in America and follows the “Curriculum for Polish Diaspora in the USA.” We offer programs for preschoolers aged 4-5 years old and students in grades 1-8 and prepare them for the Language Comprehensive Exam (LOTE).

    Everyone is welcome!

  • How to enroll your child in school

    To enroll a child or sibling in our school, please complete the Student Registration application. This is an electronic form that is easy to fill out. If you have any questions regarding the form, please call (516) 405-0622. Students are registered by the end of September and the registration fee should be paid within 7 days of student registration, but no later than the end of October. The payment can also be made electronically with Venmo, optionally a check or Money Order issued to:

    Polish Supplementary School of Long Island and sent it to:

    PO BOX 8054, Hicksville, NY 11801

    Textbooks are free of charge, they will be available for collection from the school’s treasurer, Izy Jazurek.

  • Sponsors

    The school community would like to express special thanks to companies and people who support our Polish School. The generosity and kindness shown in this way is a proof of your great hearts that we can always count on financial support for our mission in spreading educational and nurturing Polish culture on American soil. Read More.

What sets us apart

What sets us apart from other schools is our mission to provide kids with better education to succeed. As students of our school, kids will develop the skills necessary to succeed in Polish language learning.
The website is addressed to all parents and teachers, Polish culture supporters and promoters of modern education, interested in Polish culture and education in the USA.

School values

We invite parents and children interested in learning in the next school year.

We offer:

  • New teaching standards
  • Individual approach to the child
  • Learning Polish in small groups
  • Safety and family atmosphere
  • Class trips
  • Extensive cooperation with parents
Learn with the best. Join our school and start your adventure with the Polish language!


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