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Ladies and gentlemen.


In recent days a crime has been committed against our eastern neighbor in Poland.

Ukraine is in the process of an invasion by a foreign power and a fight against the occupant.

Due to military actions and political inaccuracies, tens of thousands of people seek help and shelter beyond their native land.

We, Poles, know the hell of wars, partitions and the consequences that go hand in hand.

The board and management of the Polish Supplementary School of Long Island asks you for financial aid (cash) for the needs of the reception center in Majdan, border crossing in Dolchobyczów, Hrubieszów poviat.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Ms. Kasia’s parents are volunteers at this reception point.

They need drugs, cleaning and personal care products, and a mass of products from a different assortment.
The situation is critical and is turning to the disadvantage of war refugees hour by hour as stocks are constantly dwindling.

If you have someone in UA or PL who also helps these people, please contact us and we will divide the funds as much as possible.

I know that none of us would like to be in a similar situation.

It`s worth to help.

Good comes back with increased strength.