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Nativity play is a spectacle about Christmas, which for centuries has been inscribed in the Polish tradition and how annually they were staged in our school. This year’s nativity play in our school was prepared by all students of our school under the direction of Mr. Wojciech Bolko and the musical setting of Mr. Maurycy Banaszek.

The nativity play was intended by the disciples to bring closer the circumstances of the birth of the Lord Jesus. The nativity play scenario contained the most important events accompanying the birth of Jesus. Parents and guests watching the show believed that the performance introduced them to a Christmas time full of beautiful traditions and a solemn mood. The nativity play was for all of us a lesson in mutual rapprochement, love, reflection and reflection.

The students made a lot of effort to ensure that this year’s nativity play was an opportunity for all of us to enter the beautiful atmosphere of Christmas and will be remembered for a long time. For the enormous effort put into directing and staging them, we would like to thank students, teachers, parents, friends Special thanks to Father Shibby for the trust he has placed in our school.