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A graduate of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. Master of preschool and early school education. She gained experience in working with children at a primary school in Lublin and at a public kindergarten in Bychawa.

Through play, I introduce children to the world of the Polish language. I develop and practice skills related to speaking and listening, writing, reading, language education, Polish history and Polish traditions. At the basic level, I require from a second grade student, listening comprehension, reciting including punctuation marks, building longer statements, knowing the alphabet in speech and writing, careful writing, distinguishing sounds and syllables. I support the natural curiosity of the world of the youngest through creative work and tasks, questions, experiments and experiences. During lessons, he engages students in teamwork and taking part in brainstorming.
Aware of the responsibility related to the process of educating young people, I try to use various forms of children's creative activity in intellectual, cognitive, emotional and social development.