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I am a native of Gdańsk. At the University of Gdańsk, I studied Special Education, majoring in Oligifrenopedagogy. After receiving my BA diploma, I continued my MA studies in the same field of study, this time in the field of social and vocational rehabilitation with counseling. I have experience in working with children and youth of all ages, including people with multiple disabilities and disorders, e.g. dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia. I have gained my experience working as a nanny, animator at the Salesian Oratory, assistant for the disabled, and above all as a supporting teacher in one of Gdańsk schools.

As a first-class teacher in a Polish school, I have the pleasure to work with the currently youngest group of students. By using elements of the Krakow Method, we learn to read and write. We get to know important national holidays and elements of Polish culture. Thanks to common conversations and games, students develop their language skills. Through poems, songs, movement games, games and various artistic and technical activities, students consolidate the issues they learned during the lesson.