• LOTE exam

What is the LOTE exam?

The LOTE (Language Other Than English) exam is prepared by the Central Office of Polish Vocational Training Schools in America and students may participate in it, among others our school.

The exam consists of oral (in-school) and written (out-of-school) parts, we will provide more information in September.

A student who passes the LOTE exam thus has a foreign language in high school and an American college.

When and where will the classes take place?

Preparation for the LOTE exam will take place every Saturday at 9.00 a.m. (teacher Anna Szeliga) before regular classes at the Polish school (129 Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801).

What is the cost of preparing for the LOTE exam?

The price is $ 270 per student (seventh grade) – payment for the whole year.
Preparation LOTE, September, October, November). In addition, a fee for the written exam is added.

What will the classes look like?

Students will receive copies of tests from previous years and other texts on which they will work. They will also learn how to take the exam and improve their language skills in listening and reading comprehension as well as correct writing and speaking.

Why is it worth participating in the LOTE exam preparation?

– Increase the chance of passing the exam.

– Reducing stress (the better the preparation, the less stress).

– A positive approach to reading, writing and understanding in Polish.

– Use of knowledge in everyday life.

LOTE COURSE IS MANDATORY and lasts 2 years (seventh and eighth grade). We provide friendly teaching and a subjective approach to each student.

All are invited !!!

Please fill out registration online at the top of the page or call (516) 405-0622 or email aszeliga@polskaszkolalongisland.com