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How does bilingualism affect development?

  • Scientific research around the world shows that bilinguals with two well-developed languages have better divergent (creative) thinking than monolingual, especially in terms of fluency and flexibility.
  • In addition, they are characterized by an analytical approach to language as a system and greater meta-linguistic awareness, which is a decisive factor for the development of children’s reading skills.
  • This means that bilingual people are ready to learn to read earlier than monolinguals. • Bilinguals advance to the next stages of mental development, including speech development. Acquiring two languages promotes the development of each of them.
  • They also perform better than monolingual people in tests of information processing speed.
  • They show a higher sensitivity than the age norm to the recipient’s needs in the communication process and higher communication efficiency.
  • Equal stimulation of both languages of a bilingual person gives him enormous benefits, accelerating the development of communication competence and general cognitive development.
  • The effect of more efficient cognitive development is better academic performance. Particularly rapid progress in school education is achieved by children attending bilingual schools, in which both of their languages are used as an instrument of knowledge transfer (lecture language).
  • Bilingualism is associated with BICULTURE. This means that bilingual children have access to two linguistic and cultural worlds: they know and cultivate the culture and customs of both countries with which they are associated, they know their stories, geography, literature, music, cinema, games, share world views and value systems . Bicultural people are great both in one and in another language (and culture) – in both countries bilingual children feel at home and are able to communicate well with their surroundings
  • Bilingualism is the foundation of lasting family ties – with parents as well as grandparents and extended family! Only communication in the same language allows you to fully express yourself, as well as create a strong and timeless emotional bond with your family.
  • Bilingualism increases the chances of a successful professional future.