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    What sets us apart

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Our School is created by the people who work here, teachers and administration, as well as the kids. We work with passion and dedication towards students motivating to learn the Polish language and culture. After completing our School’s learning program, kids will remember our Polish roots and communicate in the Polish language with pride. Knowing that educating a young person is a great responsibility, and with permission, we are ready to take on this challenge.

What Sets Us Apart:
  1. Individual approach to the student
    • Family atmosphere
    • Educate gifted students and kids with learning difficulties
    • Our teachers stimulate creativity and social activates.
    • We endorse close cooperation between parents and teachers.
  2. Our staff:
    • Teachers are well educated and trained.
    • Staff is committed and open-minded to innovation and improvements.
    • Knows and respects the rights of the child
    • Our teachers cooperate with parents and guardians.
  1. Optimal learning conditions
    • Modern building owned by a private school
    • Preparation for Polish language exams – LOTE
    • Small groups
    • Comfortable, spacious classrooms and gym
    • Security at the door preventing students from leaving school on their own without the consent
    • As well as a wide range of additional activities for students, including music, art, and theater.
  2. Objectives:
    • Teaching Polish language, history, culture, and geography
    • Stimulating love and respect for Poland heritage of parents’ country of origin
    • Maturing and strengthening ties with Poland
    • Cooperation with international and local institutions