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We also encourage you to talk to your children in Polish at home and to use the wide range of online educational platforms during the summer holidays. We list a few of them that we used during on-line classes:

  • www.sieciaki.pl – Sieciaki is a website created by the Nobody’s Children Foundation. On the website, children get to know virtual characters – Sieciaki, who teach how to safely use the Internet through play.
  • dzieci.wp.pl – Website for children on wp.pl. Includes tons of games, coloring books and puzzles.
  • www.kolorowanki-dla-dzieci.pl – A website with a rich collection of printable coloring pages.
  • www.misie.com.pl – Website with games, legends, poems and comics for children.
  • www.urwisy.pl – Hello, Urchins! – Your place on the web. Catholic portal for children. Information, catechesis, puzzles and games, a gallery of children’s drawings.
  • www.pankuleczka.pl – Mr. Kuleczka – a website devoted to a children’s book of the same title. On the website, fun and games for children, such as: mazes, puzzles, connecting dots into a picture and special coloring pages.
  • www.e-kolorowanki.pl – From the E-coloring page you can download easy-to-use programs for coloring pictures on the screen or after printing on paper. Additionally, the child can make puzzles with hand-colored pictures. Along with the program, a screen saver is also installed which presents colored pictures in the form of an automatic show. The time of presenting a single picture on the screen can be set.
  • junior.reporter.pl – A website for children and teenagers, containing popular science information, reviews of games and books for children, advice on using the Internet.
  • www.ewa.bicom.pl – The charm of old memories, or the songs of our childhood. Website for parents who like to sing.
  • superkid.pl
  • legimi.pl
  • EdPuzzle.com
  • eduzabawy.com
  • ipuzzle.pl
  • kahoot.com