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Krystyna Tyszkiewicz graduated from the Acting Department of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz State Theater School in Warsaw, where she obtained a master’s degree in art.
Krystyna studied under the tutelage of many prominent artists, such as Ryszarda Hanin, Andrzej Wajda, Anna Seniuk and Tadeusz Lomnicki. She is also a member of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists).

After graduation, she played at the Komedia Theater in Warsaw and as a guest at the Jan Kochanowski Powszechny Theater in Radom.
She took part in the television series “Cztertymolatek twenty years later” by director Jerzy Gruza and also lent her voice to dubbing in films such as “The Lion King” and “The Smurfs”.

From 1995-2011 and 2022-2023 until the present, she collaborated with the Polish Theatre Institute in New York under the leadership of the legendary Nina Polan.
Krystyna actively participated in promoting Polish culture and art. She played many exciting roles directed by Nina Polan.

For many years, she lived in Cyprus, where she starred in many theater, television and music productions in Greek and English.
Krystyna worked as a theater teacher, leading theater classes for children, adolescents and adults. The classes included exercises related to pronunciation, articulation, interpretation of texts, improvisation, concentration, acting tasks, memory exercises, developing creativity, imagination, musicality, rhythmics, movement art, gaining self-confidence, learning Polish and learning to work in a group.