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I am an economist by profession, specializing in accounting and the market. However, my passion from childhood was the stage. Beginning with 4 years of music education in the piano and keyboards class, singing and music was an integral part of my routine. Later, another meeting with the stage accompanied me in the form of a 4-year membership in the People’s Artistic Group under the leadership of an outstanding choreographer, cultural animator and a student of the Song and Dance Ensemble “Promni” at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, MA Marian Plizga. Here I was able to further develop my passion for music, dance and singing and to promote and spread the fame of Polish culture and folklore by participating in numerous competitions and performances in the country and abroad.
My goal at the Polish Supplementary School of Long Island is to create an artistic group as a “pendulum” for our pupils to identify with the great Polish culture and a form of saving our ancestors’ music, singing and dancing from oblivion. Wojciech M. Bolko
Director of the Polish Supplementary School of Long Island40 West Nicholai St. Hicksville, NY 11801 Tel: 516-405-0622 wbolko@polskaszkolalongisland.com

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